We are worldwide based service provider with systems running on a 24x7 basis supported by our Core Research Team, System Development Team, Administration Team and Sales and Marketing Team.

Core Research Team
The core research team is the soul of the radio monitoring algorithm. It consisted of mathematicians from several universities around the world. They constantly research and test on new and improved algorithms. With input form the other teams, we had successfully launched many new algorithms which had effectively extended the usage and service areas of the system.
System Development Team
This is the team that turns the algorithms into reality and commercial use. The members in this team developed various modules for the integration of the system. With their professional expertise, the system was built on a modular and cost effective manner. Complimented with the current Virtual Private Server services provided by almost all datacenters around the world, we could easily expand the system to any part of the world within days. This is the essential feature that allows us to form partners system for radio monitoring activities and services in many different countries.
Administration team
Besides maintaining the health of the system in order to provide uninterrupted service to our clients, our administration team also collects music related data from the world such as new titles, artists news, events etc. The team also conducts auditing of the system monitored results to make sure correct data are collected. The team's work is fed back to the research team and system development team for the continual growth of our system.
Sales and Marketing Team
Our sale and marketing team is the eyes and ears for the system. Besides promoting our service and helping clients with the best suitable solution, the team also collects feedback and requests from clients. The feedbacks and requests are very important source of drivers for improvement. That is why we could constantly provide innovative and up to date service and solutions to clients in this fast evolving music industry.